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Techniques Tuned to Your Specific Needs and Desires



I want to thank MSFC again! I am stronger than I have ever been. I didn't write back because I was afraid that after I stopped the challenge, I wouldn't keep to the program. I'm proud to say I'm still hitting the gym 3x a week. 

One thing that my trainer, John Switzer, had me do that I hated the most was hanging ab lifts. He started me out on 20 reps. I'm pleased to say I came to terms with that particular exercise and I now do 2 sets of 40 every M, W, F. 

Since training with him I took little tidbits of advice that changed my life. No exaggeration. My balance and coordination are much better! It seems silly, but he trained me how to walk up steps without tripping. Drive the heel down when you step.

There were exercises that I dreaded. Not because the weights were too heavy or I was too sore. It was an embarrassment factor. The first day I met John I did walking lunges and I would lose my balance, needing to grab on to someone or something. I was frustrated with myself. We did it again on our last day together. I stared at that gym floor like it was my own personal Green Mile. I lost my balance only once. That was success. Now, every leg day I challenge myself to do those lunges. I don't fall over anymore.

Another thing, when I go to the gym and I want to quit because it seems too hard, I hear John's voice say, "mental toughness." That was something he would say to get those last few reps out of me. It worked every time.

Some days I get up and look forward to the gym but usually I don't want to work out because I'm tired or it's too hot or place excuse here. But I'm so happy I did when its over. It's like being baptized with sweat. I feel like I'm beating this thing. I'm becoming a new and better version of myself.

I really want to thank MSFC again for giving me this opportunity and matching my personality with John Switzer. He was a great trainer. He didn't go soft on me but was encouraging at the same time. 

I am stronger than I was when I started. I lift, squat, lunge, run and do those damn ab lifts. But on a personal note, I feel good about myself. I'm proud of what I can do and how far I came and how far I'll go. Its thanks to MSFC, John, and my own "mental toughness."


I met John Switzer and began training with him almost 20 years ago now. Please believe me...I am a real person with real physical challenges including diabetes (with neuropathy) and a kidney transplant. John helped me get in shape both before and after my transplant surgery and numerous other surgeries since then.

John understands the way the body works and knows what type of exercise/training will work for your particular health goals. He listens to you and respects your input and feedback.

He is very dependable, trustworthy and committed. He always has the session workout planned and can easily adapt it along the way. John stays completely attentive to you during the entire workout...he's not on his cell phone or chatting with other people while you're trying to figure out how to do something! He'll explain and show you the correct way to perform each exercise and be by you for each rep to comment and correct your technique to ensure you never injure yourself.

John doesn't try to "up sell" you on his will receive his full attention and expertise for each and every session. He's not holding anything back..except loading the next heavier weight when you're ready.

I recently turned 50 years old and feel and look better than I did at 30!

John has helped improve my physical appearance and more importantly, he has raised my self-confidence and lowered my stress level.

There are many people calling themselves personal trainers...John portrays the true meaning of both aspects...personal and training. You will experience the genuine love John has for fitness as he helps you help yourself to better health.
If you are seriously looking for an outstanding personal trainer, please call John and take some time to talk with him directly. 


"John is great to work out with. He has tailored our work out to each of our levels and takes into consideration each of our health concerns. He is very professional, always on time, and fun to work with. We're so glad to have found him!"


"I have really enjoyed working with John. He is an excellent personal trainer and he is always personable and attentive. I began seeing John for help getting over a knee injury and I am happy to say that I no longer have knee issues during hikes! He has also helped me with numerous other injuries over time. I mentioned that I had broken my shoulder years ago, and that I have never had the same range of motion since...and John began focusing on my shoulder...and it is completely normal again! I would highly recommend training with John. His knowledge of anatomy is exemplary and his ability to motivate you without being overbearing is wonderful!"


"John is a great trainer. Listens to your needs and goals and helps you get there by pushing you that extra step"